After Dr. Chapman treatment and prayer, I noticed how the seizures started fading away. Ever since Nov. 11, 2007, I haven't had a seizure!

Bernard W.


Doctor and Staff

Meet the Doctor

Doctor Robert D. Chapman born in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1963 decided to become a Chiropractor at age 14 after receiving chiropractic care for an injury to his lower back.

“I consider myself a good ole chiropractor. I just take the bone off the nerve and watch God’s miracles take place. It’s simple to me. God made the nervous system as the conduit of life. Life flows from the brain to the body keeping you alive. My job is to remove any interference to the expression of life. I totally expect you to get better no matter what the condition. There is no doubt here, God brings the people and the results.”

Our Staff

Each staff member started as a patient with real issues that God healed using this principle called Chiropractic. Each has a testimony. All staff members are Christians and went through corrective care to get higher results. I feel honored that I get to work with such wonderful people.

Our Fees

  • First Visit: Exam, X-rays & Adjustment - $140
  • Adjustment - $50
  • Doctor’s report and consultations are offered at no charge

We do not bill insurance. The receipts provide the information needed to file with your own insurance. This allows us to keep our fees at a reasonable rate.

New Patient Appointments

9:00am      11:00am      3:00pm

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