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Name: April G.
Age: 37
Date: May 15, 2006
Symptom: Asthma, Arthritis, Allergies

Symptom Details: Sciatic nerve pain; severe asthma; severe arthritis in both knees; allergies

Duration: Sciatic nerve a few days; asthma, allergies and arthritis all my life.

Previous Treatment & Results: Albuterol, Singular, Adviar, Thedophylnne and many other medications were prescribed. I cannot remember all the names that I took. Result: The meds were controlling my life, and limited me in all my activities.

Date Started & Results: Began March 24, 2004. I now live completely free of asthma, allergies and arthritis and now I am exercising like others. Praise God!

Comments: I thank God for His hand at work in this place and on Dr. Chapman. And I thank God for using Dr. Chapman in my healing process.

Posted By: April G.

Name: Bernard W.
Age: 28
Date: December 18, 2007
Symptom: Seizures

Symptom Details: I started having seizures at the age of 11. I would have them twice or three times a month and if the medication was low I would have multiples.

Duration: I started having seizures in 1991.

Previous Treatment & Results: I went to many Doctors and the medication they gave would work just for a while or not at all. After taking what they wanted, I would go back to the same cycle per month having seizures.

Date Started & Results: November 8th, 2007, After Dr. Chapman treatment and prayer, I noticed how the seizures started fading away. Ever since Nov. 11, 2007, I haven't had a seizure!!!!!

Comments: I thank Dr. Chapman for letting the Lord use him. I would recommend any and everyone to him. God Bless You!!!!

Posted By: Bernard W.

Name: Cheyenne H.
Age: 14
Date: October 15, 2008
Symptom: Seizures

Symptom Details: Thought that my daughter was having seizures. She had an MRI but they could not find anything causing it. She had up to 8 seizures a day.

Duration: 2 years

Previous Treatment & Results: Medication, but side effects = weight gain + drowsiness.

Date Started & Results: About 1 year ago ?after 3 months of treatment she quit taking the pills, and it's been almost a year since we've noticed the seizures ? they are gone.

Posted By: Cheyenne H.

Name: Emily T.
Age: 13
Date: August 14, 2008
Symptom: Scoliosis

Symptom Details: Scoliosis, Emily was diagnosed in 12/06 at 11 years old with 17% deviation.

Previous Treatment & Results: Orthopedic wanted her in a brace. Dr. Chapman asked us to give her 3 months with him.

Date Started & Results: Her curve went from 30% to 27% - a year later her numbers have not changed. Her growth plates have closed and we do not anticipate braces or surgery for her ever! Praise God!

Comments: Emily now sees Dr. Chapman every 2-3 weeks. Thank you, Thank you!

Posted By: Emily T.

Name: James H.
Date: October 18, 2007
Symptom: Headaches, Neck Pain

Symptom Details: For about 3 to 4 years, I have had headaches everyday. My neck was also in a lot of pain for years.

Duration: 3-4 years daily.

Date Started & Results: 10-18-2006 ever since then, I've rarely had headaches, about once every 2 months.

Comments: Dr. Chapman changed the way I live by getting adjusted every week. No more headaches.

Posted By: James H.

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