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Name: Jack O.
Age: 13 months
Date: December 4, 2007
Symptom: Ear Infections

Symptom Details: Chronic ear infections and bad allergies.

Duration: 6 months

Previous Treatment & Results: Constant antibiotics for the ear infections and allergy medicine and/or cough medicine for the allergies.

Date Started & Results: May 2007- after 2 adjustments, we were able to discontinue the allergy and cough medicine and he has been much healthier since undergoing chiropractic care- only 1 ear infection, which is a huge improvement. And, his allergies are much better as well.

Comments: I'm so thankful one of my friends recommended Dr. Chapman. We were facing getting tubes for Jack's ears and weren't comfortable putting him under and were tired of giving him constant antibiotics and allergy medicine. I had a pretty traumatic delivery with Jack and often wonder is we could have avoided these issues if he had started having him adjusted shortly after birth. At least I know the benefits for our second child!

Posted By: Jack O.

Name: Wilhelm Family
Age: 11, 38, 41
Date: Summer of 2008
Symptom: Back Pain

Symptom Details: Age 11 - back aches, legs uneven, walking and running was difficult. Age 38 - pinched nerve, upper back. Age 41 - lower back pain, knee pain.

Duration: Years for everyone.

Previous Treatment & Results: No medical treatment, since the problems were not considered major - why spend more unnecessary money and time at a doctor's office? We're untrusting of the medical industry as a whole.

Date Started & Results: Spring 2008 - (38) started first with immediate results. (11) legs and hips have evened out, no more back pain! He's running and jumping better. (41) back and knees are better, with an added plus - no more snoring at night!

Comments: Thank you Dr. Chapman!

Posted By: Wilhelm Family

Name: Joyce S.
Age: 60
Date: December 27, 2007
Symptom: Numbness

Symptom Details: Numb fingers, indigestion, floaters in my eyes and raw throat


Previous Treatment & Results: Just had knee surgery from a fall ? ever since I have had numb fingers and they wanted me to do surgery AGAIN!

Date Started & Results: Dec. 19th, Saw Dr. Chapman and on the way home I got feeling back in my right hand, came back the next day and the following morning when I awoke my feeling was back in left. No more indigestion and raw throat.

Comments: I feel like Dr. Chapman has given me my life back. This is first time a Doctor could tell me what was wrong with me! Praise God for Dr. Chapman!

Posted By: Joyce S.

Name: Abby M.
Age: 19
Date: July 30, 2007
Symptom: Migraine Headaches

Symptom Details: I came to Dr. Chapman with severe migraines lasting anywhere from a few hours to four days.

Duration: I had recurring migraines for a year.

Previous Treatment & Results: I had been seeing an internal specialist who kept giving me different meds that never helped.

Date Started & Results: I began chiropractic care June 16, 2007. After my first adjustment I felt immediate relief, and have not had any migraines since!

Comments: I see Dr. Chapman once a week and have felt an amazing difference.

Posted By: Abby M.

Name: Alex G.
Age: 8
Date: November 28, 2007
Symptom: Ear Infections

Symptom Details: Ear infections and was scheduled for ear tube surgery at 2 and a half years old.

Duration: 4-24-2003, Approximately 3 months

Previous Treatment & Results: Dr. visits and antibiotics. Dr. wanted to schedule surgery.

Date Started & Results: We brought Alex to Dr. Chapman and he no longer had ear infections and no surgery.

Comments: We are so blessed to have found Dr. Chapman. God is good.

Posted By: Alex G.

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