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Name: Carly H.
Age: 9 years old
Date: March 31, 1994
Symptom: Asthma, Sinus Headaches

Symptom Details: Sinus headaches, upper respiratory congestion, asthma flair-ups, and weight gain caused by asthma medicines.

Duration: Since she was three years old.

Previous Treatment & Results: Carly was seeing a board certified allergist/immunologist who treated her with ventolin inhalers, Slobid, Lorabid, Septra, Brofed PD, Prelone syrup and other antihistamines and decongestants to relieve upper respiratory congestion.

Date Started & Results: May 21, 1993 Carly started Chiropractic treatment three times a week for about three weeks, now she receives treatment once a month and takes vitamin C Chromic Fuel, and a multi-vitamin. Carly is a different child.

Comments: Asthma, like any chronic illness, is frustrating for those who must live with it. This frustration was causing anger and depression not only for Carly, but the entire family. The expense of treating the disease and the changes we had to make in the household were frustrating. Thanks to Chiropractic care, Carly no longer has to live with it. Praise God!

Posted By: Carly H.

Name: April Grant
Date: May 15, 2006
Symptom: Allergies, Asthma

Symptom Details: Sciatic nerve pain, severe asthma, savere arthritis, and allergies.

Duration: Sciatic nerve has bothered me for a few days. I have had asthma, arthritis, and allergies all my life.

Previous Treatment & Results: Albuterol, Singular, Adviar, Theophylnne and many other medicines I can't even remember. Results- I was very limited in all my activities which started controlling my life.

Date Started & Results: March 24, 2004. I live completely free of asthma, allergies and arthritis and can now exercise like others! Praise God!

Comments: I thank God for His hand at work in this place and on Dr. Chapman. I thank God for using Dr. Chapman in my healing process.

Posted By: April Grant

Name: Levi K.
Age: 7 years old
Date: March 14, 1996
Symptom: Asthma

Symptom Details: Asthma

Duration: 2 years, since age 5.

Previous Treatment & Results: Traditional medicine for asthma, including a Nebulizer machine, without any improvement in 2 years. Only getting worse.

Date Started & Results: We had prayed for an end to our son's illness and I was lead to Dr. Chapman's care. When the Spirit led me to seek Chiropractic care to heal my son's asthma, it in turn led us to Dr. Chapman who shares our belief in healing through the body and soul.

Comments: Before, Levi couldn't ride his bike to the playground, less than a mile away, without having an asthma attack. About a week after 2 or 3 adjustments, he went on a 10 mile bike trip with his dad. Even his father could not believe the immediate improvement in Levi's health. We thank God and his servant, Dr. Chapman.

Posted By: Levi K.

Name: Justin G.
Date: August 20, 1997
Symptom: Asthma

Symptom Details: Asthma- severe

Duration: 5 years

Previous Treatment & Results: Antibiotics, Bronchial Dialators, antihistamines, and steroids.

Date Started & Results: June 1994. First adjustment brought relief of tightness in chest. Second adjustment, (2 days later) productive cough. Third adjustment, free breathing without medical attention or drugs.

Comments: Will never go back to a medical doctor for treatment.

Posted By: Justin G.

Name: Felix Vasquez
Age: 6 months
Date: October 9, 2003
Symptom: Meningitis

Symptom Details: No movement in neck, no motor skills, couldn't recognize anything, wasn't alert, always sick and congested.

Previous Treatment & Results: My 6 month old baby was hospitalized on December 2, 2003 with Meningitis. They said he was not going to be able to use the left side of his body. He was suffering with seizures and his neck was kinked to the left. All in all he was aware of very little and would hardly move.

Date Started & Results: I started seeing Dr. Chapman as soon as I heard the chiropractor could possibly help my baby. With my doubts I gave Dr. Chapman the opportunity to see my baby. It almost seemed like a miracle. After the first treatment my baby was completely changed. Within an hour my baby was using his arms, turning his head and recognizing people and things. During the next month he was back to normal.

Comments: Now I really thank God for Dr. Chapman for bringing my baby back. It is an awesome feeling to know the capability of Chiropractors.

Posted By: Felix Vasquez

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