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Name: Talley D.
Age: 2
Date: July 25, 2010
Symptom: Ear Infections

Symptom Details: Chronic Ear Infections

Duration: 10 months

Previous Treatment & Results: My son first ear infection started at the age of 6 months and became more frequent at the age of 16 months. We went through Dr. visits, different antibiotics,recurrent ear infections and painful shots. finally,his doctor suggested tubes in his ears.I did not want the tubes in his ears. I was tired of seeing my son suffer.

Date Started & Results: His caregiver told me about Dr. Chapman. We went to see him in February 2010. My son has not had an ear infection since being under Dr. Chapman care.

Comments: I am so thankful for the recommendation of Dr. Chapman. We are blessed!

Posted By: Talley D.

Name: Kenny Holt
Age: 38
Date: August 5, 2009
Symptom: Sinus Headaches

Symptom Details: Daily sinus headaches. I was playing football in high school and was speared in the back by another player with his helmet. I have had a daily headache since that day and my sinuses feel congested all the time. Both my knees have been hurting since that day.

Duration: Since 1989. Twenty years.

Previous Treatment & Results: None, I'm allergic to pills. Honey helped some.

Date Started & Results: April 21,2009. The headache went away seconds after the first adjustment and my nose ran for two hours. Sinuses have been clear since that time. My knee pain went away too. I can move without any pain at all. No headache.

Comments: Don't just live with pain. Search for other alternatives without pills.

Posted By: Kenny Holt

Name: Kaye
Age: 41
Date: August 7,2009
Symptom: Breach Baby

Previous Treatment & Results: Standard method of floating in water to allow baby movement easier. Posing on my knees in a uncomfortable position on all 4 limbs for 20 minutes at a time to remove pressure from stomach and allow movement.

Date Started & Results: Baby turned in 24 hours

Comments: I was told at 36 weeks my son was breach. I tried for over a week to do all the methods I was advised to help turn him. After it began getting painful for walk, I started looking on the internet for additional ideas to help me. I contact Dr. Chapman that evening and he told me he had done this procedure and that he was successful in the past. He conducted a non- painful procedure on a Friday evening applying pressure to specific areas. I rested for the evening and felt him move on his own. On a Sunday he conducted a follow-up visit. On my Doctors appointment the following Tuesday to everyone's amazement he had turned. My OBGYN had never heard of this procedure and was surprised at the results. I gave birth to a induced 9.2 lb baby boy at week 39. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone.

Posted By: Kaye

Name: Leah J.
Age: 40 something
Date: August 13, 2009
Symptom: Migraine headaches

Symptom Details: migraine headaches, pituitary issues

Duration: Years

Previous Treatment & Results: I saw several doctors about my migraine headaches, ended up in MRI machine several times, prescribed medicines that worked temporarily so, in turn were switched often. Had to be seen by neurologist after finding a pituitary issues.

Date Started & Results:'s been 6 years (I think) since I first met Dr. Chapman. I have not had a migraine since, Praise God! When I stay consistant with my visits, I feel great! I have not had migraine medicine for years and I contribute that fact to seeing Dr. Chapman.

Comments: Love the office staff...and that they pray for me, too!!

Posted By: Leah J.

Name: Nathaniel Adams
Age: 4 mos
Date: July 24, 2009
Symptom: Neck pain, Autism

Symptom Details: Neck strained, and signs of Autism after taking vaccination shots

Duration: 3 months

Previous Treatment & Results: no previous treatment was done before Dr. Chapman

Date Started & Results: May 21, 2009 @ two months, Dr. Chapman started treatments on my 2 month old baby, which was showing early signs of Autism. After 1 1/2 month of treatment my baby is showing no sign of Autism. He's laughing, playing and trying to talk now.

Comments: My baby would not look at anyone or show any kind of facial expressions. I thank God for Dr. Chapman and his enlightenments on vaccinations. I advise everyone against vaccinating their Kids.

Posted By: Nathaniel Adams

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