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Name: Jeremy
Age: 26
Date: May 29, 2011
Symptom: Headaches

Duration: 2 years

Date Started & Results: I started going to Dr. Chapman about a year ago and since then i no longer have headaches.

Posted By: Jeremy

Name: Jennie Harvey
Age: 33
Date: February 2, 2011
Symptom: Memory Problems

Symptom Details: My daughter had a severe auto accident with 18 wheeler on December 28, 2007. Memory loss and inability to make complete sentences. She had a brain injury accident and as a result had a craniotomy. She needed help in recovery. Her memory was foggy and she was not able to make complete sentences.

Previous Treatment & Results: She was a patient at TIRR rehab and received physical and occupational therapy there everyday. We observed very slow progress.

Date Started & Results: Dr. Chapman came to TIRR during the first week that she was there. He gave her a Chiropractic adjustment in her bed. Within an hour she made her first complete sentence and we watched with great amazement as she was able to talk normally within a few weeks! Her level of concentration was also improved.

Comments: Dr. Chapman definitely made a huge difference in my daughter's brain injury recovery. We are so thankful that he was there and willing to drive to the Medical Center to help her recover so quickly! He is an answered prayer!

Posted By: Jennie Harvey

Name: Susan Abbott
Date: February 2, 2011
Symptom: Asthma, Leg Pain

Symptom Details: Our son had intermittent complaints of pain in his leg that were so severe he couldn't walk and missed school a few times.

Duration: On and off for 3 weeks

Previous Treatment & Results: None

Date Started & Results: He had relief right away.

Comments: What I didn't know was that his asthma was linked to the pain in his leg. As Dr. Chapman explained to us, our whole body is connected through our spine. He said that he could tell me all of the things that might be going on with Austin by checking the alignment of his spine. I was skeptical so I didn't tell him about his asthma and chronic bouts with pneumonia and bronchitis each winter. He had such trouble with breathing that he wasn't able to run around the track at school even one time without having to stop and walk. Once Austin started coming for regular visits we were able to take him off his daily asthma medication. It was a bit scary at first to take that crutch away. Looking back at it I realize that the medication wasn't really doing anything anyway. Together we worked through it. In fact, we had such great success with our regular visits that Austin's lungs have become so strong that in 4th grade he was able to win the mile race at Field Day for his school. Today he runs cross country for his middle school. He does not get pneumonia or bronchitis anymore either. Austin has a very strong immune system and has become quite an athlete. We are so thankful for Dr. Chapman and chiropractic.

Posted By: Susan Abbott

Name: Cyndi Sager
Age: 46
Date: January 28, 2011
Symptom: Headaches, Pinched Nerve

Symptom Details: Headaches since childhood. Pinched Nerve causing right arm to go numb while I drive

Duration: a few months

Previous Treatment & Results: Neurologist poked me with needles and electrocuted me (okay, it was just nerve testing):) and then wanted to do an MRI.

Date Started & Results: Came to Dr. Chapman at the end of October last year to deal with the pinched nerve, and did have immediate results of only sporadic numbness. But the amazing part was that in addition to what I came there for, I immediately stopped having headaches. I have had headaches since I was a small child. Usually had them several times a week, including migraines. They are especially severe during stress. When I came to Dr. Chapman I had just started a new job, was having to go to my old job nights and weekends to train my replacement, and had family pressures. Yet no headaches. For several weeks I found myself rubbing my head and neck like I always did to relieve the headache pressure, only to realize that had just become a habit, my head no longer hurt!

Posted By: Cyndi Sager

Name: Betty J.
Age: 71
Date: August 26, 2010
Symptom: Fibromyalgia

Symptom Details: Severe back pain, pinched nerves, Fibromyalgia

Duration: Years

Previous Treatment & Results: None

Date Started & Results: August of 2000. After 2 years of continuous treatments my back problems were under control and after several more years my Fibromyalgia is in remission.

Comments: I am pain free now but continue monthly adjustments to keep things in check. I thought things were hopeless at one time but with Dr. Chapman's treatment and prayers I got well. I thank the Lord for him and his ministry.

Posted By: Betty J.

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