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Name: Becca Moore
Age: 26
Date: April 16, 2012
Symptom: Chronic Pain and Arthritis

Symptom Details: Chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. Arthritis in mid and lower back.

Duration: 24 years

Previous Treatment & Results: Physical therapy and steroid injections.

Date Started & Results: Started seeing Dr Chapman March 2012. After the first visit I noticed a huge improvement in my neck and shoulders. As time progressed the pain kept getting less and less. This was a life changing miracle for me. I have been struggling with pain my whole life. My childhood wasn't as active as it could have been due to the restrictions. I was skeptical at first till I started seeing the changes in my mother and how much it helped her. I'm so glad she convinced me to go and I will gladly recommend chiropractic therapy to anyone I meet!

Comments: Please don't hesitate to go yourself or bring your child. A lot of my pain through my whole life could have been corrected when I was a child if we had known about this then.

Posted By: Becca Moore

Name: Sabryna Zambrano
Age: 21
Date: December 15, 2011
Symptom: Knee Pain

Symptom Details: I had been having knee pain since I was in high school

Duration: 4 months

Previous Treatment & Results: Excedren Back and Body Acke,Flanax, and knee braces.

Date Started & Results: My first adjustment was in 8/26/2011. At first it was just my knees until I saw my x-rays that turned into an alignment of my neck and back. After a few adjustments my knees are a lot better that I don?t take any more medicine or wear any more knee braces. After a few alignments my knees are doing well and I stand up a whole lot better.

Comments: With Dr. Chapman's help I am able to live a normal life without knee braces or pain killers. I no longer have to reliable on braces or pain killers to make me feel better.

Posted By: Sabryna Zambrano

Name: Gary
Age: 57
Date: January 23, 2012
Symptom: Sore back and lack of mobility

Symptom Details: Sore back and lack of mobility

Duration: Most of my adult life

Previous Treatment & Results: None to speak of. I only had seen one other chiropractor in my life.

Date Started & Results: August of 2011 started on a weekly bases. I had almost immediate results. Now I feel balanced and no longer have pain in my back. Also seem to have more energy.

Comments: Dr. Chapman is extremely easy to talk to and understands my back.

Posted By: Gary

Name: Melissa Money
Age: 25
Date: October 10, 2011
Symptom: Migraine Headaches

Symptom Details: On February 25, 2011, I experienced my first ever migraine, accompanied with vomiting and blurred vision. I went to the ER, where they performed several tests including a spinal tap. The next day, I awoke with severe pain radiating from my shoulders down my arms. By the time I got back to the ER, my arms were partially paralyzed and I couldn't raise them above forty-five degrees. I was also in excruciating pain. The doctors told me that it was impossible that these new symptoms were in any way related to the lumbar puncture and sent me home with no alternative explanation or treatment plan.

Duration: 7-12 months

Previous Treatment & Results: I visited my primary care physician a few days later, who was also adamant that this was in no way related to the lumbar puncture. She prescribed steroids and pain killers, and referred me to a neurologist. My neurologist was very concerned about these bizarre symptoms, and ordered an MRI and an electromyogram to investigate. In the meantime, I was living with intense, radiating pain 24/7. This lasted for 11 days. I didn't sleep, I barely ate. I couldn't care for my children. The neuro tests came back completely normal.

Date Started & Results: March 7, 2011, I visited Dr. Chapman for the first time for this issue. I've seen him off and on for several years. I was at the breaking point emotionally from lack of sleep and hurting so much. At that point I was 10 days into paralysis and pain with no idea when, if ever, I'd get relief. After an intense adjustment, I felt some burning sensations in my back and shoulders, but no pain relief yet. 12 hours later, I fell into a deep sleep for the first time in over a week. When I woke up the next day, the pain was significantly lessened. I returned twice that week for adjustments, the pain getting less each time. Finally at the end of March after weekly adjustments, my range of motion improved bit by bit. By the end of April my range of motion was back at 100% and I was regaining strength in my arms. In June I was released from my neurologist's care with the expectation that I'll be back to normal by February 2012.

Comments: Dr. Chapman was the first person to really listen to me, and genuinely care that I was in that kind of pain. This wasn't the first I'd seen amazing results after receiving chiropractic care, but this spinal cord injury was the most serious medical issue I've ever experienced. All my other doctors did was run tests and prescribe pain killers. Dr. Chapman actually made a difference in my healing time and pain level.

Posted By: Melissa Money

Name: Allison Hegar
Age: 36
Date: June 1, 2011
Symptom: Headaches and Breech Baby

Duration: 2nd trimester on

Previous Treatment & Results: Tylenol and prenatal massage. Therapist noticed that I was out of alignment and recommended Chiro.

Date Started & Results: I went into Chapman Chiropractic wanting to heal my pregnancy headaches, but God had so much more in store that would eventually assist in my safe, all natural, happy, healthy labor and delivery. God guided Dr. Chapman's healing hands to turn my baby from breech, which could lead to a C-section, to head down, then from face up, which would lead to back labor if untreated, to face down. Because God put so many wonderful, talented people in place and guided me to weekly Chiropractic treatments with Dr. Chapman along with Sharon Tilotta's Doula services and birthing classes at First Birth Ministries and the patient and personalized care through the Midwives at The Women's Specialists of Houston, I had one of the most beautiful, completely drug free birthing experiences and a very happy, healthy, alert little boy.

Comments: Thank you God, Dr. Chapman, and all who made my pregnancy and L&D experience amazing.

Posted By: Allison Hegar

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