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Name:Micah E.
Age: 4
Date: October 23, 2008
Symptom: Seizures

Symptom Details: Micah was having seizures after receiving his 9-month immunizations.

Duration: 3-6 Months

Previous Treatment & Results: Micah saw a neurologist and pedestrians who ordered more and more testing with out treating the activity.

Date Started & Results: Started Chiropractic care about 3 months after symptoms began. Within 2 months all seizure activity ceased. Micah has been seizure free since then. Even his allergies are better controlled now.

Comments: I really believe Micah's symptoms were due to the vaccines he received. Micah had also begun displaying the ?hand-flapping? seen often with autism and was beginning to show some neuron differences to his dad and I. All have resolved with his regular chiropractic visits. We will continue chiropractic treatment for his lifetime to prevent any recurrence of symptoms!

Posted By: Micah E.

Name:Rosemary B.
Age: 47
Date: October 21, 2008
Symptom: Hip Pain

Symptom Details: Hip pain ? difficulty walking due to pain at times. The ?good days? were far from good. They were long painful days of chronic pain and the accompanying fatigue.

Duration: 20 years.

Previous Treatment & Results: Misdiagnosed arthritis. Years of prescription, anti-inflamatories, muscle relaxants, painkillers, and at one-time anti-depressants!

Date Started & Results: January 29, 2008, Dr. Chapman was immediately able to discern specific past causes of my pain, to include specific trauma events. From the 1st visit my health has improved. My pain is GONE!!! My energy has returned, and I am completely confident that chiropractic care must be an integral part of managing our health.

Comments: Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Posted By: Rosemary B.

Name:Suzy W.
Age: 62
Date: October 21, 2008
Symptom: Back Pain, foot pain

Symptom Details: Originally, I came in for back issues, which Dr. Chapman helped immediately. When I mentioned foot problems, he adjusted my toes, feet and ankles. 

Duration: For 15 years I'd felt like I had rocks in my shoes, had difficulty walking for any length of time.

Previous Treatment & Results: Podiatric treatment and orthotics which helped but didn't fix the problem

Date Started & Results: His first foot adjustment was in April 2008 and gave immediate relief! After a second adjustment the "rocks" were gone!

Comments: Dr. Chapman's help, especially with my feet, has literally changed my daily life. My husband and I no longer have to base what we do on how long my feet can take it.

Posted By: Suzy W.

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