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Posture Exercise

The Posture Exercise is the most effective exercise that I give my patients. I first started using it ten years ago and it has become a must for great results. It not only reveals the state of an individual’s spine but it also begins the process of restoring function back to areas of your spine if you are doing your posture exercise. Do this stretch at least four times a day for 15 seconds.

Set-up - First find a blank wall with a flat surface. Face away from the wall with your feet shoulder width apart and six inches away from the wall. Place your body against the wall.

Stage One - Bend your knees slightly. Tilt your pelvis forward so that the lower back is completely against the wall. There should not be enough room to place your hand in the small of your back.

Stage Two - With the low back flat against the wall, roll the shoulders up and back flat against the wall. Move your head back and up until it touches the wall. Make sure that your chin is tucked inward. You should feel your spine flat against the wall.

Stage Three - With low back, shoulders and head against the wall. Grip the top of your left wrist with the palm of your right hand. Slowly bring the elbows and wrists against the wall above your head. Hold this position for four slow deep breaths.

Note: A healthy spine is able to do the stretch without any difficulty. The more difficult this exercise is for you, the more abnormal wear and tear is taking place in your spine. Do this Posture Exercise until you have no difficulty. Always remember, you’re only as healthy as your spine.


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